4 Tips When to Plant Your Vegetable Garden

There’s perfect timing to everything. Here’s when to plant your vegetable garden

When should you plant your vegetable garden?

With a collection of handy garden tools, you can plant a potted indoor vegetable garden almost any time of the year. Outdoor gardens will do better during the planting seasons. Deciding when to plant depends on a number of factors including the layout of your garden. However, there is no one-fit- for-all technique for timing.

For beginners, you don’t not need to worry or get intimidated. Just like any adventure, gardening is a long process that must be learned through mistakes. Every trial brings its own beauty and a set of new challenges that will surely make you do better. All the while, the unpredictability will be a lot of fun. Now back to planting and let’s get straight to it!


Vegetables cannot not do well in freezing winter. If you live in such weather, you might need to adjust the planting time a little. To get the best planting time for vegetables in your area, visit a professional in your area or the local gardening center for professional guidance and the recommended garden plans.

Building your calendar

Frost dates are a huge concern when it comes to planting vegetables. The good news is that they can be avoided. Check the last frost dates online by entering your area’s zip code and then make the right decision based on your daily work schedule. Here are some tips that can help you choose wisely.

  • When to plant a little earlier

Seeds could take a while longer before germinating especially in cool soil and air temperature (below 75 degrees C). When doing indoor planting, plant your vegetable seeds a week or two before the scheduled time.

  • When to plant on scheduled date or a little later

With a warm greenhouse where the soil and ambient air temperatures are above seventy degrees C, you will have giant and healthy plants ready for transplanting even before the arrival of the warm weather. What does this mean? With a greenhouse, you can afford to wait until the perfect weather arrives.

Great choices for upcoming July

The july season will require plants that are resistant to heat. Peas, okra, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, tomato eggplant (for mid month) and pepper seeds will be a great choice. Herbs like basil, mint and oregano will also be applicable for July. We better get planting!

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