5 Easily Grown Non-Toxic Indoor Plants for Your Children

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing house plants for a home full of kids. Thorny plants could be a ticking time bomb. Opt for fun, stress tolerant, plants that are easy togrow.


Choose your indoor plants wisely to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks. For homes that are likely to be abandoned for a while, choose carnivorous plants such as Venus fly traps to get rid of spiders and insects inside the house. Colorful fruit bonsais with edible fruits are also a great choice for children. Some plants like Aloe Vera are safe but have a very disgusting taste and could irritate the eyes.

However, there is no one fit for all choice for house plants suitable for every home out there. As we all know, individuals could have different reactions to certain plants. The following plants are safe, easy to grow, and ideal for indoors:

  • Tip: it is possible to identify the following plants wrongly. Take some time to do some research. Some of them could even have multiple names.
  • Spider plant (airplane plant)

This plant should be a top priority because of its many benefits. It is not only ideal for hanging (away from children) but it is also colorful and ideal for business. It picks up quite fast when indoors bearing numerous suckers that could be sold for extra income. It quickly adapts to dim conditions and does not require a lot of pampering. The taste has been proven to be pleasing to toddlers. However, large amounts could lead to serious stomach upsets.

  • Boston fern

Unlike most fern varieties, this one is safe but not easy to grow at all. If you are good with plants, it is worth taking a shot. Be very careful because virtually all fern varieties look the same. Naturally, they are adapted for low light conditions. Children like playing with their wavy fronds. Hang them to prevent your children from repeatedly snatching their leaves for play.

  • Miniature rose

Unlike other rose varieties, this one is thorn-free. Its elegance comes with a great price though; it is a no-step zone for forgetful people. It will only grow in rooms with a reasonable amount and duration of light intensity. It also requires lots of fresh air. It is a deciduous plant. Its abscission process coincides with winter leaving you with a very unattractive plant.

  • Peperomia (baby rubber plant)

This plant is a favorite for many due to its all-year thick, waxy, succulent leaves. It does not require much pampering. It does well under low light conditions and low watering.

  • Christmas cactus/ holiday cactus/ Thanksgiving cactus (Schlumbergera)

It is an ideal beauty plant for the over-cautious parents. It is by far the safest of all house plants out there! Prepare the stem cuttings properly to ensure that they pick up easily.

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