5 Tips How to plant bamboo trees in your garden

Bamboo has quickly rised through the ranks to become a star in home privacy and eco friendly construction. Although the plant grows fast into a beauteous, giant bush, it could be ticking time bomb! Fortunately, bamboo root barriers have come to our rescue. Bamboo root barriers have smooth surfaces that divert rhizomes to prevent unchecked growth. This way, the bamboo cannot grow where it is not wanted. Here are the reasons why you need bamboo root barriers:

  • Bamboo doesn’t let go easily

It will be very hard to get rid of this species after you fail to prevent it from spreading. It might take months or even years to get rid of unwanted bamboo. The root mass (including the rhizomes) are very aggressive. They rejuvenate so fast in numbers even in the poorest soil conditions.

  • Oops! Trouble for your organic garden

When you want to get rid of unwanted bamboo in your garden for good, it becomes necessary to use herbicides. Most of us are practicing organic farming to prevent diseases such as cancer. What’s worse is that you require multiple applications. In addition, the herbicides could spread to water sources and other gardens where they are not wanted.

  • Sure, you can let friendlier bamboo to grow unchecked in your garden. But are you sure you got the right one?

Bamboo varieties vary in the intensity of invasiveness. The spreading types are the most dangerous. Bamboo lovers might recommend the clumping varieties. All in all, bamboo plants must spread no matter the variety.  In addition, the varieties are often confused with each other; there have been instances where the plantlets have been mislabeled. To be on the safe side, install bamboo root barriers.

  • Bamboo for your boundary line, you definitely need bamboo root barriers!

Scientists have proven that nearly all varieties of bamboo have the ability to grow an extra 3.5 feet per day. People adore bamboo fences because they grow fast to provide the much wanted privacy. The species has the ability to multitask, that is, the ability to grow and spread at the same time. When it comes to spreading, bamboo has no respect for boundary and property lines!

  • Unchecked bamboo may interfere with the eco-system

Introducing the species may pose a threat to the existence of natives. This automatically leads to damage of the original state and biodiversity. 

Introducing bamboo outside its natural habitat gives it a head start for takeover. This is mainly due to absence of natural controls such as predators that help to keep it in check.

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