8 Tips How to Make your Garden Safer for Kids

The challenge, getting dirty, exploring and learning. Here’s how to make your garden kids friendly without spending a fortune

It is possible to have a garden that is fun for you and the kids. You don’t even have to call a professional to achieve this.

Ample garden time will help your kids develop both physically and mentally. Lure them into your garden by transforming it into a colorful outdoor play space.

Gardens are also a super way for getting the whole family out to get some fresh air, especially during the weekends and holidays. Here are some of the features of a kid-friendly garden:

  • Water

Water spices up a garden play for the kids. A simple water fountain or detailed water courses complete with waterfalls will do the trick.

Fill up a large bowl with clear water and add water features like fish models and pebbles ([preferably colored). Please note that deep buckets, water butts, and troughs are unsafe. 

  • Fauna

Kids like observing birds and animals no matter how small as long as they can move. How can you attract birds and small animals to your garden? 

Planting indigenous plants and trees will attract “wildlife” naturally. Other great lures include gridded fish ponds, bird feeders, water baths, and nectar shrubs.

  • Garden hideouts

Children love refuges and places to hide. Creating cubbies is a great way of adding adventure to your garden. You can even make temporary ones using tents or a table in a corner. Consider leaving out a middle garden path for bike riding.

Steps in making your garden child-friendly

  • Set aside a small play area

This will depend on the amount of space available in your garden. A large space can hold seesaws, swings, climbing frames, and trampolines.

Consider putting up a wooden playhouse with a shelter on top for the rain and excessive heat. Small garden space can only hold a simple sand hill.

  • Select some garden toys

Although most toys are not suitable for garden play, you can assemble a collection of waterproof, hardy toys to keep the kids entertained in your outdoor space.

The toys will certainly become messy so select only those toys that can be left outdoors. Store the toys in your garden storage box whenever they are not in use.

  • Safety

Besides the fun, safety is also a top priority for kid-friendly gardens. For example, toddlers cannot be left to play with water without supervision. Paddling pools are a great choice for small children but should also be supervised at all times. Always empty the paddling pools after use. Also, plant thorn free plants that cannot harm your child during play.

Lawns are a great choice for cushioning in case of any tumbles. However, paving would be much better for scooting and bike riding. Sand is a great choice for surfacing the set aside play area.

Creating a theme garden

The best way to create a theme garden would be by talking to the kids first. Some will go for pizza gardens (only fresh ingredients are planted) while others will go for Alice in Wonderland gardens (exclusively flowers both huge and small.) Just be creative!

  • Have a collection of kid garden tools

Kids are more likely to help out in the garden if they have their own set of tools. They are quite picky; choose colorful, small ones.

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